Large Print 2-Cup Measuring Cup

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Made of durable clear plastic, the Large Print 2-Cup Measuring Cup has 1/4-inch high numbers. Three separate scales allow you to measure in ounces, milliliters and cups to cover all your cooking and measuring needs. Numbers for ounces and cups are stenciled in red. Numbers for ML are stenciled in blue. Spouts cut in on 2 sides for neat and easy pouring. 3-1/2-inch long handle.

  • Ounces: from 2 to 16 ounces in 2-oz increments 
  • Metric: from 50 to 500 milliliters in 50-ml increments 
  • Cups: from 1/4 cup to 2 cups in 1/4- and 1/3-cup increments


  • Durable clear plastic with a 2-cup capacity
  • Large print 1/4-inch high numbers
  • Measure in ounces, milliliters and cups
  • Two indented spouts for neat, easy pouring
  • Great cooking aid for the low vision chef




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