Conversor Listenor Pro Personal Amplifier with Headphone, Earphone, or Inductive Neckloop

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Conversor's Listenor Pro Personal Amplifier amplifies the available sound level for enhanced listening, providing improved hearing even in noisy environments. The sleek amplifier can be placed in a raised position nearby using the belt clip or held in the hand and pointed towards the sound source. Models include binaural headphones, earphones, or inductive neckloop for use with hearing aids. Two year warranty (90 day warranty on accessories).


  • Provides enhanced sound quality for people with hearing loss
  • Use with binaural headphones, earphones or inductive loop for use with hearing aids
  • Add-on accessories available for TV listening, telephone use, audio devices like MP3s


  • Listenor Pro
  • Select from headphones, earphones, or inductive neckloop
  • Belt clip
  • AAA batteries
  • Two year warranty

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