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BioBidet Premium i3000 Bidet Seat


BioBidet Premium i3000 Bidet Seat

  • Description
  • $179.00

This premium bidet seat has features that are not present on traditional non-electric bidets such as a built-in soap dispenser and Helix Motion Enema Wash, all without using electricity. The Premium BB-i3000 is the first and only bidet to feature a soap dispenser to be used in conjunction with the feminine wash. 

Adjust the water pressure and temperature easily with an easy to use lever control and dial. Another unique aspect of the BB-i3000 is the joystick control. Instead of a knob that you turn left and right, the Premium BB-i3000 is controlled by a single joystick that easily moves back and forth to select varying water pressures for posterior, feminine, and the Enema wash.

Bidets are a great solution for anyone who needs a little bathroom assistance, has limited mobility or flexibility, suffers from IBS, Crohn's Disease, hemorrhoids, or urinary tract infections, or is recovering from colorectal surgery or childbirth.


  • Patented vortex nozzle system
  • Dual nozzle
  • No electricity or batteries required
  • Room temperature water
  • Exclusive soap dispenser
  • Self-cleaning nozzle
  • Adjustable water pressure
  • Adjustable water temperature
  • Cold water by-pass
  • 1 year limited warranty

What's in the Box:

  • 2ea 3/8" brass T
  • 1ea Water supply tubing
  • 1ea Braided fill valve water supply hose
  • 2ea Mounting bolts
  • 1ea manual
  • 2ea cone packing
  • 2ea washers
  • 2ea nuts
  • 2ea bolt guides

Product Video:


Q. Does Premium Bidet Seat require electricity? 
A. No it does not. BB-3000 is non-electric model that does not require electricity or battery.  

Q. How do you get a warm water supply? 
A. BB-3000 comes with unique mixing valve that mixes how and cold water. For safety reasons, maximum water temperature will be just about at room temperature. 

Q. Is a professional plumber recommended for installation? 
A. All offered Bio Bidet products are designed for D.I.Y. Installation is simple as 1,2,3 requiring no special skill or tools at all. 

Q. Is it going to fit my toilet? 
A. BB-3000 is designed to fit most 2 piece toilets. However, some restriction may apply to 1 piece toilets. Please consult with one of professional sales reps. 

Q. How long does it take to deliver? 
A. Most orders are processed and shipped within 24 hours via UPS ground service and should take from 2 to 6 days to deliver.


Click here for Installation and Operation Manual.


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