Deluxe Reach Extender Back / Hip / Knee Pain Kit

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Having back or hip pain? Trouble bending or reaching? Just pulled a back muscle?

This set contains the most-often recommended products for those who can't bend or twist. Perfect if you are recovering from back, hip or knee surgery. Useful when in the midst of sciatica, back spasms, and pulled muscles.

Kit features:

  • 26" Reacher to pick up items from the floor or reach objects on shelves
  • Molded Sock Aid with two cords and foam handles to pull on socks or compression hose
  • 17" Bath Sponge the scrub without reaching too far
  • 16" Hook-End Plastic Shoehorn to help you put on your shoes
  • No-Tie Shoelaces so you can slide your shoes on without bending
  • 26" Dressing Stick to help you pull on clothes without twisting

Save over $25 than purchasing items separately.



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