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Reachers For You and For Me

adl daily living daily living aids grabber household living aids reacher reachers

Every household has items that are hard to reach.

Items may be on a top shelf or you may have flexibility issues because of an accident.

Reachers, or grabbers as they are also known, come in a variety of lengths, with 26" and 32" the most popular. Also, there are foldable and non-foldable options, depending upon whether it is something you plan to keep with you as you go out and about or will have a designated space in your home.. Many...

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Getting Into or Out of Cars a Pain?

aids automobile automotive back back pain back surgery car childbirth flexibility hip pain knee mobility new mother pain pregnant surgery surgery rehab

Getting into or out of cars can be challenging for you if you have hip, knee or back problems; are pregnant or a new mother; or have had surgery recently.

Vital Home Store has a selection of Car Aids that can help.


HandyBar - $29.99. Leverage and balance for getting in and out of your car. Slide the hook into the U-bar of the car...

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4 Sources of Free Walker Bag Patterns

bag bags craft free information pattern patterns sew sewing tote totes walker

Four site that provide free walker tote bag patterns for sewing are listed.

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